World Climate Forum EUROPE Outcome

Business is leading and government is lacking

The need for strong cross-sectoral collaboration was highlighted through all debates of the day. Across Europe, businesses have stepped up their game and picked up the pace on green innovation and investment while governments are falling behind.



We need a Just Transition, societally and globally

We need a just transition, we need it to bring workers, businesses and communities with us. We need to make sure that the burden is equally shared through the transition.



Financing the green transition through short-term targets

We need short-term targets for green investments to fulfill long-term goals, and we need to raise necessary capital now. We need to lead impact investment by defining what are green innovations, where to find them and how to best support them.


The EU needs to level up international ambitions

The EU needs to be more brave, and open the international policy stage to act globally, while not only investing in the US and China, but also the global south. 


Designing and innovating for suburban and rural mobility

While cities are perfect test beds for innovative mobility solutions considering the close proximity of users, providers and buyers, we cannot export city-centred concepts to suburban and rural areas. We need to think beyond proximity criteria to achieve sustainable mobility solutions.



An outcome report with further insights from the World Climate Forum EUROPE will be issued soon.




“The reality is that decarbonization solutions for the built environment exist today that, if implemented at scale, could significantly advance progress on climate change. At Trane Technologies, we are accelerating to directly address emissions at the source by developing new and better ways with clean technology and renewable resources to heat and cool buildings.”

Jose La Loggia, President, Commercial HVAC EMEA-ANZ at Trane Technologies

"Economies around the world have faced extraordinary challenges this year, and the World Climate Forum 2020 Series presented an opportunity to maintain dialogue around one of the most pressing issues of our time: climate change.Moody’s Analytics was proud to participate and share our perspectives on how organizations can use data, analytics, and technology to develop theirsustainability and climate action strategies."

Burcu Guner, Senior Director at Moody’s Analytics