World Climate Forum EUROPE

17th - 18th November, 2020

World Climate Forum Europe (WCF Europe), took place during the virtual London Climate Action Week and strategically supported the priorities and ambitions of the UNFCCC and COP26, exploring green plans and recovery strategies alongside the EU Green New Deal, stimulating ambitious action ahead of COP26 and the World Climate Summit in 2021. The programme was divided into two days: day one focused on the energy transition and infrastructure while day two focused on innovation and investments. The key drivers highlighted across both days and sessions were finance, policy and partnerships.

World Climate Forum Europe (WCF Europe) aimed to raise collective ambition and support the implementation of successful and scalable solutions across the region with an emphasis on the COP26 priority action areas. World Climate Foundation brings its extensive European stakeholder network and decade of experience convening the leading thought-leaders to impact climate action throughout Europe. WCF Europe was the final Forum in the 2020 Series, acting to culminate the outcomes and impact of the World Climate Forum 2020 Series and serving as a focused precursor to COP26 and a catalyst for progress as part of the Decade to Deliver on Climate Action.

Driving Climate Action Through Sustainable Leadership

Key Themes at World Climate Forum Europe - London

Energy Transition & Addressing Climate Change in a Post-Pandemic World

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Adaptation & Resilience - Prioritising Action Areas for COP26 and 2030 Agenda

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Green Recovery Policies & Investments

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Developing Zero Carbon Transport through Sector Coupling

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Financing Biodiversity

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Creating Climate Neutral Cities

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The final forum in the World Climate Forum 2020 Series, World Climate Forum Europe gathered the leading stakeholders to define and scale proven strategies to kickstart a green economic recovery. The Forum prioritised resilient and green agendas through the market with a focus on policy and investments that are necessary over the next ten years. It facilitated vital discussions on how to transform ideas into action to sustain momentum and vital progress on the new road to COP26.


Its engaging digital format combined dynamic keynotes and interactive panel discussions, delivered through webinars and podcasts produced to the highest standard via live and on-demand.


Further details coming soon.


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In its inaugural edition, a select number of key stakeholders were invited to participate in each of the action-oriented World Climate Forums.

These include institutional investors, financiers, policymakers and government leaders, technology and project developers, renowned academics, and representatives of non-governmental organisations.


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Last year in Madrid

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Markus Winkler

Head of Automotive & Capgemini Group, Capgemini

Emma Navarro

Vice-President, European Investment Bank