World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA

24th September, 2020 (Available On Demand Now)

World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA (WCF NORTH AMERICA) took place during the virtual New York Climate Week and United Nations General Assembly. The programme focused on the energy transition and infrastructure and on recovery and adaptation. The key drivers highlighted were finance, policy, innovation and partnerships. It was structured to explore international transition towards the clean economy including through a green recovery and accelerating decarbonisation through finance, innovation, and infrastructure.

Keynotes and Sessions
September 24, 2020
World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA

Alongside Climate Week NYC & the UN General Assembly


Green Recovery & Adaptation

Patricia Fuller / Canada's Ambassador for Climate Change

World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA 2020 series


Green Recovery & Adaptation


Dr. Ernest Moniz / CEO / Energy Futures Initiative and EJM Associates. Former United States Secretary of Energy (2013 - 2017)

World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA 2020 series


Decarbonizing the Energy Matrix - Unlocking Finance Opportunities and Accelerating Clean Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Future


Peter Rothstein / President / NECEC

Miranda Ballentine / CEO / REBA 

Rudy Wynter / President and COO, Transmission, Generation and Energy Procurement / National Grid US

Alfred Griffin  / President / New York Green Bank


World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA 2020 series


Transformative Mobility - Investing in the Post-Carbon Future of Transportation

Nick Albanese / Head of Intelligent Mobility /  Bloomberg NEF

Drew Kodjak / Executive Director / International Council on Green Transportation 

Colleen Quinn / Founder and Director / EMobility Advisors

Ellen Greenberg / Deputy Director for Sustainability / California Department of Transportation 


World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA 2020 series


Smart, Sustainable, Connected - Future Proofing Cities through Sustainable Infrastructure & Partnerships

André Shneider / CEO / Geneva Airport

Scot Horst / Founder and CEO / Arc Skoru / US Green Building Council 

Lara Cottingham / Chief of Staff and Chief Sustainability Officer / City of Houston 


World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA 2020 series


Catalyzing the Net-Zero Transition: Policy, Finance & Implementation


Julia Pyper / Senior Editor / Greentech Media 

Jennifer Wu / Global Head of Sustainable Investing / J.P Morgan Asset Management

Kimberley Henderson / Partner / McKinsey & Company 

Michael Renner / Programme Officer / IRENA

World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA 2020 series


World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA 2020 Series


World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA 2020 Series

Accelerating Local Climate Solutions for International Climate Impact

World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA aimed to strengthen public and private sector partnerships supporting the implementation of short to long-term action towards a green economic recovery and reaching climate goals. Benefitting from World Climate Foundation's major convening experience in the North East United States and successful partnerships alongside New York Climate Week, it strategically explored the UN Climate agenda and innovations in climate action, the development of clean energy infrastructure and the North American market contribution to decarbonisation. 

Key Themes at World Climate Forum NORTH AMERICA

Adaptation & Resilience - Prioritising Action Areas for COP26 and 2030 Agenda
Future Infrastructure for the Energy Transition
Mobilizing Investments for Climate Action and Green Economic Recovery
Developing Climate Resilient Cities
Decarbonising Transportation through Transformative Mobility
Partnering for Climate-Friendly Post-Pandemic-Recovery
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As the first event in the World Climate Forum 2020 Series, the North American Forum gathered the leading stakeholders to define and scale proven strategies to kickstart a green economic recovery. The Forum prioritised resilient and green agendas through the market with a focus on policy and investments that are necessary over the next ten years. It facilitated vital discussions on how to transform ideas into action to sustain momentum and vital progress on the new road to COP26.


Its engaging digital format combined dynamic keynotes and interactive panel discussions, delivered through webinars and podcasts produced to the highest standard via live and on-demand.


Its engaging digital format combines dynamic keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and informative workshops delivered through webinars and podcasts produced to the highest standard via live and on-demand.


In addition, World Climate Forum’s unique value proposition – our Engagement Hubs will facilitate the collaborative definition of areas for solution development, engage key customer and influencer groups, and allow for best practices to be developed, defined, and shared through our web-based platforms.

In its inaugural edition, a select number of key stakeholders were invited to participate in each of the action-oriented World Climate Forums.

These include institutional investors, financiers, policymakers and government leaders, technology and project developers, renowned academics, and representatives of non-governmental organisations.

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