Collective Impact, Transformational Action

Determining and implementing the transformational changes needed to meet global climate and biodiversity targets over the next decade requires that organisations, not only take leadership in shaping commitments, but also in defining transformational actions at individual, industry and societal levels, forming partnerships and joining up on solutions together with other thought leaders and key decision-makers.

Becoming a Strategic Partner

Becoming a Strategic Partner of the World Climate Forum provides your organisation with an opportunity to play an integral role in building the momentum for climate and biodiversity action through collective agenda-setting and action plans, strategic network connections and partnership building and international and cross-sector knowledge sharing. 

Our roadmap is closely aligned with the COP26 (Climate Action) and the COP15 (Biodiversity) priority action areas and the Race To Zero campaign to rally leadership while facilitating a shared level of ambition and immediate action, connecting the climate agenda with the biodiversity crisis, underpinned by the Forum’s key current purpose - to spur the green recovery and support the post-pandemic economic stimulus.

Previous Partners


Strategic Partner

Linking the business community with climate negotiations and commitments, government sustainability efforts with developing green economy markets and climate finance to innovation and project development. 

Sponsoring Partner

Become a partner of the World Climate Forum 2021 Series and play an integral role in building the momentum for Climate Action that is required for the success of the Paris Agreement, COP26 and sustainable development.