The three conferences for Europe, North America and Asia, respectively, will each be regionally focused on supporting the “EU Green Deal”, the U.S.A.’s “Build Back Better” plan, as well as existing net-zero commitments, pledged by leading countries in Asia, including China, Japan and South Korea. The conferences form a digital roadmap in 2021 towards COP26, the World Climate Summit and beyond, connecting markets, solutions and policies with the purpose of flattening the climate curve and providing the opportunity for public-private partnership on transforming climate ambitions into successful sustainable markets in major regions of the world. 


The World Climate Forums are an integral part of World Climate Foundation’s Strategic Roadmap to COP26 - as illustrated below:


World Climate Forum - The Series


Themes Explored at the World Climate Forum 2021 Series


The World Climate Forum will gather sustainable leaders across government, business, finance and civil society to discuss and partner on policies, innovations and investments. World Climate Forum 2021 Series target themes such as clean energy transition, realising the circular economy and smart and sustainable buildings.


The World Climate Forum 2021 Series works as building blocks and precursor events towards the COP26 agenda. The events will support cross sector partnerships focusing on key drivers for a net-zero economy within the themes below.

Clean and Affordable Energy

E-mobility and Clean Transport

Sustainable Value Chains

Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure

Smart and Circular Cities

Adaptation and Resilience

Climate Finance and Investment