Collaborate to Implement Ambitious Green Agendas for a New Resilient Economy

Our thought leadership activities enable our community to exchange knowledge, engage in outcome focused discussions and collaborate on implementing ambitious coalitions, partnerships and solutions for a new resilient economy. The flagship of our thought leadership initiative is our series of strategic industry roundtables, tapping in to our curated network of high-level international decision makers. 

Roundtable Sessions


The World Climate Forum has developed a series of high-level, invitation-only roundtable sessions focused on identifying challenges and opportunities in rapidly decarbonising our economies and societies. Aligned with the COP26 priority areas, including Finance, Energy, Nature Based Solutions, Transport and Hard to Abate Sectors, our aim is to provide input for COP26 and our annual Summits in 2021.



The focus of the roundtables will be on overcoming overall challenges, seizing valuable opportunities, and setting vital priorities in the transition to market structures enabling net-zero by 2050 and halving of emissions by 2030. Special considerations will be given to what can make the case for transition compelling both in financial and non-financial terms and which information is still missing to make well informed conclusions.


The roundtables will group together up to 20 high level stakeholders around the aforementioned key areas. The participants will be selected from our advisory panels, from our partners and from relevant influential stakeholders with in-depth knowledge of the field. In a carefully moderated fashion all participants will be actively involved in the sessions. 

Our Roundtables will occur on a monthly basis, and be carefully curated by two moderators. The conclusions from the roundtable will be anonymous and published on our website, through social media and also presented to the COP26 secretariat and the Global Climate Action Champions.