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Continuing our support for implementing the goals of the Paris Agreement in 2020 through three regional World Climate Forums.

The 2020 Road to COP26 and World Climate Summit in Glasgow 2021

Objectives of World Climate Forum 2021 Series

Install a cross-sector dialogue to discuss how to flatten the climate curve through green investments
Announce transformational commitments that will support and accelerate the global clean economy transition
Identify and scale best practice business models and effective regulatory frameworks
Propose areas where the development of new sustainable solutions are required
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Expanding on 11 years of Convening Public-Private Partnerships

The World Climate Forums will build on the decade of experience set in place of convening key global stakeholders at the World Climate Summit events, alongside the COP negotiations. The Forums will also develop on from the impacts of previous successful regional conferences from World Climate Foundation including in the Nordic Countries, Northeast US, and Dubai.

Key Themes Explored at World Climate Forum 2021 Series




Kickstarting the New Climate Economy


to Clean Energy


Net-Zero Transportation


& Circular Value Chains

Smart & Sustainable Cities


our Natural Resources

Funding the Low-Carbon


& Adaption

Format of World Climate Forum

Its engaging digital format combines dynamic keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and informative workshops delivered through webinars and podcasts produced to the highest standard via live and on-demand.


The programme for each Forum will be divided into two days: day one will focus on the energy transition and infrastructure,
day two will focus on recovery and adaptation. The key drivers highlighted across both days and sessions are finance, policy,
innovation and partnerships.

In addition, World Climate Forum’s unique value proposition – Engagement Hubs will serve as a precursor series of activities and announcements to the actual event. They are information portals that enable interaction between thought leaders and WCF’s community, before, during and after the event sustaining momentum on the roadmap to 2021 and COP26.

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World Climate Forum 2020 Series will group together the highest-level stakeholders leading to a culmination of solutions, partnerships, and outcomes at World Climate Summit 2021 in order to:

  • advance a strong interplay between markets and policies

  • define the key areas for solution development

  • engage the key stakeholder groups to facilitate the development and scaling of best practices through each session and Forum


The World Climate Forums will draw from a network of partners throughout a ten-year history of creating top-level cross-sector collaborations at the World Climate Summit events. 



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