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July 2

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2021 is a decisive year with COP26 in Glasgow and COP15 in Kunming: The next 9 years of climate and biodiversity impact come at a pivotal time when economic, technological and political sectors must urgently come together and step-up their efforts, in order to achieve the commitments under the Paris Agreement and the 2030 targets.

Market-Oriented Network

Welcome to a robust network for C-level engagement across industries and sectors for the acceleration of breakthrough partnerships in climate and biodiversity

Public-Private Partnerships

The global pandemic has brought the interconnectivity of climate change and biodiversity into greater focus, heralding the need for a new forum, placing them at the top of the agenda for public-private partnerships

Net-Zero Economy

Our mission is to facilitate a fast transition to a resilient, clean and net-zero economy through cross-sector dialogue, inspirational partnerships and investments in sustainable solutions

The Road to COP26 2021

Providing a unique set of annual summits and regional conferences, supplemented by thought leadership sessions and ongoing dialogues between partners to provide impact for COP26 in Glasgow and Biodiversity COP15 in Kunming.

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Where Climate Action Becomes Climate Impact